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Pre-Adopt A Kitten!

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             Thank you for your interest in our kittens!
         Although they are too young to adopt just yet,
                                 you can pre-adopt!

Spring/Summer 2021

Please note that each litter will have a different pre-adopt date. Follow our Facebook page for           dates on each litter. We will not accept                       applications before the date.

       Thank you for your understanding!

Our Process

1. Please let us know which kitten(s) you are interested in, print and fill out an adoption application , located under the Adopt Form page. Email application back to This will hold your spot for the kitten(s).


2. Your references will be checked (usually 1 -3 days),  depending on the number of applications we have and how quickly we can reach your references, and we will contact you.


3. Usually, you can call the foster mom and arrange to meet the kittens; however, during the pandemic, if  you choose, we may be able to arrange a video meeting or something else.


4. Once approved, a deposit of $25 each is necessary to hold the kitten(s). This deposit will be put towards the adoption fee of your kitten. Should you decide to choose a different kitten, or another cat from us, the deposit will go toward your adoption fee; however, should you decide NOT to adopt from us, the deposit will not be refunded. Your deposit secures your kitten and they will be considered adopted by you.


Please note that all of our kittens must be 3 pounds before being spayed/neutered, which is usually about

12 weeks old/3 months. Sometimes males can  be adopted at 2 1/2 months, because

the surgery is not as invasive. This is the youngest we will adopt out.

*During the pandemic and due to a lengthy wait for spay/neuter services,

 some litters/kittens may not be fully vetted at adoption, as waits can be as

long as 4 months in some cases. In this case, kittens will be ready to adopt

after they have received  2 FVRCP vaccines,  and you will receive a date to

bring the kitten(s) back to us so that we may transport them to be

spayed/neutered. You are also welcome to drop them off /pick them up the 

same day at the Charlottesville clinic.


A fully vetted kitten will be:



Receive 2 - 3 distemper vaccines

Receive a Rabies Vaccine (if 4 months of age at adoption)

Mother or kitten will be tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia 

Receive a microchip with lifetime registration


Our adoption fee for a fully vetted kitten is is $145 (a $10 discount for 2) and includes all of the above. Please let us know if you have any other questions! Thank you!

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