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         Forgotten Felines of Culpeper

               Rescuing the abandoned and forgotten,

                              with no cat left behind.

                                                           Forgotten Felines of Culpeper is a nonprofit 501(c)(3). Our actions speak                                                 for us ~ we are passionate about  what we do! We stand on our reputation ~ 


                                                              Forgotten Felines of Culpeper was voted

                                                  Culpeper’s Best Animal Rescue in 2021 , 2022, 2023, 2024

                                                                          Best Nonprofit in  2020 & 2024. 

                                         Whether it's looking in a field for hidden kittens that were dumped on the side                                           of a road, rescuing a kitten 50 feet up in a tree, finding funding & getting surgery for a kitten found with half a leg or for a cat  with  an enormous bite wound, driving 4 hours round trip to save the life of cats on death row at a shelter,  spaying/neutering and rehoming a colony of 44 cats behind a local restaurant, or helping an emaciated cat that was shunned by a neighborhood.

                            We are there. WE CARE and WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT WE DO.


We provide warm and loving foster homes, proper veterinary care, socialization, and anything necessary to enable cats to find loving purrmanent homes. Before adoption, all kittens and cats receive 2 - 3 distemper vaccines (for kittens) or 1 - 2 distemper vaccines (for an adult), receive a rabies vaccine (if 4 mos. or older), spayed or neutered, tested for feline leukemia, FIV, and heartworm, are microchipped with a lifetime registration (no more paying $20 every year to renew!).

Forgotten Felines of Culpeper. Rescuing the abandoned and forgotten, with no cat left behind. 

About the founder...

Hi! I am Lynn DeFazio!

Chances are, if you knew of  the old Culpeper Felines & Friends, you probably know me.  I worked for 8 years under my dear friend and mentor, Rose McKinney.


I may have helped you by  trapping a cat or getting a litter of kittens, taking in your cat, or answering your phone call or emails, or helping to problem-solve something that came up. I have been told many times that I was the only person to call back after countless phone calls had been made to help a desperate cat in need. If our rescue was full, I would give you the names of other rescues or people that could help.


I would put myself in the cat's place, often unable to sleep worrying about them out there in the cold. I have a passion to help them. I have carried my values into my own rescue, Forgotten Felines of Culpeper and was voted Culpeper's Best Community Leader in 2021, 2022, and 2023. 

During the day, I am a full-time Kindergarten teacher and have obtained my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with cum laude honors, and a Masters of Science in Elementary Education. I enjoy the spontaneity of teaching my little ones, but continue my passion to advocate for cats outside of school hours.


We believe that, regardless of a cat's demeanor, feral or living in a home, 
ALL cats deserve love.

ALL cats deserve a good home.
ALL cats deserve to be treated with respect and given care.

  Please join us with your support. 





         ~ Lynn DeFazio



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