Forgotten Felines of  Culpeper is a 501(c)(3) non profit cat rescue, dedicated to cats that have been forgotten -                                                  strays that are shy and frightened, abandoned cats that once had a home but have been abandoned on the                                                              streets, and community cats - cats that need a little more TLC than most to trust again.


                                              Forgotten Felines of Culpeper's mission is to make a difference in the lives of misunderstood cats by giving

                                              love, care, socialization, and proper vetting. We have had great success turning them into wonderful, loving

                                              housecats that are eventually placed in purrmanent, loving homes. We are an all volunteer rescue with a passion

                                              for helping cats. No one is paid. Every donation goes to helping a cat in need.


About the founder...

Chances are, if you knew of  the old Culpeper Felines & Friends, you probably know me.  I may have helped you by  trapping a cat or getting a litter of kittens, taking in your cat, or answering your phone call or emails, or helping to problem-solve something that came up. I have been told many times that I was the only person to call back after countless phone calls had been made to help a desperate cat in need. If our rescue was full, I would give you the names of other rescues or people that could help. I would put myself in the cat's place, often unable to sleep worrying about them out there in the cold. I have a passion to help them. 

 I have worked with Culpeper Felines & Friends for 8 years under Rose McKinney.  We were a great group and were very  successful,  achieving a lot in our day. We rescued and subsequently adopted out 600 cats in one year, more than the shelter or other local rescues.

 Sadly, Rose moved out of state years ago and new leadership came in with a change in mission and direction, primarily providing TNR  (Trap/Neuter/ Return) services.  Forgotten Felines of Culpeper was founded to fill the void in the community by caring for Culpeper and  surrounding area strays, bringing cats into loving foster homes, and pulling cats slated for euthanasia from the shelters.  


We believe that, regardless of a cat's demeanor,
ALL cats deserve love.

ALL cats deserve a good home.
ALL cats deserve to be treated with respect and given care.

  Please join us with your support. 

                                                                                                                                                                               ~ Lynn DeFazio



         Forgotten Felines of Culpeper

               Rescuing the abandoned and forgotten,

                              with no cat left behind.