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Adoption Process &  Application

       Cat Matchmaker!

We want to be sure that your kitty is a pawsitively purrfect fit for your family. Can't decide on a kitty? Let us know what kind of purrsonality you are looking for -playful, calm, lap kitty, or whomever is most in need. Do you have a purrticular type of cat - color, age, etc.? Let us know and we will do our best to guide you to your new family member!


         Adoption Purr-rocess  

Please click on the document link to the right, fill out the application and email it to us at Once approved (usually 1 - 3 days, depending on how quickly we can reach your references), we will contact you. If we are having difficulty reaching one of your references, we will let you know, so you can possibly provide another reference.


You can meet the kitten/cat at PetSmart or, in some cases, the foster's home. Please be sure to bring a hard-sided carrier. No cats/kittens will be allowed to travel in a soft-sided carrier or cardboard box with handles. Sometimes, we can loan you a carrier, just ask! If you like him/her (what's not to like?!?)  You will sign a contract and can take your new family member home. 

Please note, there are times we may require a home visit, depending on the situation. 



From time to time, COVID-19 continues to cause a back-up at local spay/neuter clinics, making it difficult for us to spay/neuter our cats > adopt our cats quickly > open up our foster homes > save more cats from outdoors and euthanasia.  In some cases when your kitten may not be spayed/neutered when it is time to take your kitten home.  No worries. Contact us within a month or two and you will be given a date when to bring  your kitten back to be spayed/neutered. You also have the option to take your kitten to our clinic to be spayed/neutered yourself. This will allow you to enjoy kittenhood with your cutie and will allow us to continue to save lives.

All of our kittens and cats are fully vetted, the adoption fee is $165. The 2nd cat is only $110,  a $55 discount. 

Your kitten/cat will be :

-spayed/neutered                                                           -rabies vaccine (if 4 mos. or older)

-dewormed                                                                      -*tested negative for FIV, Feline Leukemia,

-receive a distemper vaccine (adult) or                        and heartworm (*if we are able to test)

  2 vaccines (kitten)                                                        -microchipped with a lifetime registration,

                                                                                              you won't spend $20 to renew each year!


 We do a lot more than most rescues, because we want to set your cat up for successful, healthy life! All you will need to do is love him/her and continue to care for your cat. Because we do not know the care (or absence of care) before the cat came to us, we recommend that your cat is taken to the vet within 10 days of adoption.


       Once Adopted

If for any reason, you have any questions about your new bff, you can always contact us. We are always here for you. Your adoption assistance doesn't end with the adoption. If you have any questions, call us! That's why we are here. :0) Should you need to return your cat for any reason, your cat MUST be brought back to us, purr your contract.

       Forgotten Felines of Culpeper does not allow or disallow adoptions based on an individual’s race,               gender, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age (except in kitten adoptions) or disability.

              Forgotten Felines of Culpeper reserves the right to refuse the adoption of any cat

                                                      without stating a reason.

 Click above and fill out form.  

   Then print, scan, and email.

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