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Events Calendar!

                               For more info on any of the events below, please go to our Facebook page and  click on events.

13th  & July 27th Forgotten Felines'7th Annual  Kitten Palooza


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We advertise our events through WhoFish.

                              Cats of the Month
                    Darla, Marla, & Carla

Carla & Marla grassy picnic.jpg
Darla picnic.jpg

Please share, share, share! This family has been with us the longest - 3-4 YEARS. They need a home. Please help.

Meet Carla and Marla (4 year old sisters) and mom, Darla (5 years old) This bonded tabby family have had a rough start to life.

Carla and Marla were found in early December 2020 living in a sewer on a busy Culpeper street with their mom, Darla Mae and were brought into care. Unbelievably, they have not found their forever home yet and have been with us the longest out of any of the cats we have in foster care. Their foster family has a child that is allergic, but out of respect and care for this little family, they have made the difficult decision to care for them until they can find their forever home.

This family is a Violet family, as in the term a " shrinking Violet." "Violets," are a very special group of cats. These kitties have been in foster homes for maybe a year or more, still hoping for their future mommy or daddy to find them. Their stories are similar, they have all been through Hell on the streets ~ orphaned, abandoned by a former owner, left to fend for themselves, often sick or hungry. People passing them by, but no one helping. These precious, frightened, and vulnerable souls usually blossom once in a quiet, indoor home, with either no children or older children. They are all spayed or neutered, are up to date on rabies and distemper vaccines, and tested negative for feline leukemia, and are microchipped. The adoption fee is $25 and may be waived if you have adopted from us previously or if there are multiple bonded cats, as in Carla, Marla, and Darla.


​Carla and Darla probably rate a 4-5 on the Violet social scale. They are playful once they are alone, but are couch potatoes with Darla when people are around. Carla is the more social and will come to sniff their foster mom's hand and everyone loves people watching, as well as a sunny window with a bird feeder (who doesn't, right?) No one is aggressive. Everyone is good with furniture and good in the litter box, as well, and can be pet when eating.

Carla, Marla, and Darla will need a quiet, low activity home together with kids 12 years old or older or no children at all. They are completely vetted and have been dewormed, spayed, have had 3 FVRCP vaccines, a rabies vaccine, and are tested negative for FIV, and feline leukemia. They are microchipped with a lifetime registration, meaning you will not have to pay every year to reregister. Interested in these rhyming beauties? Please email us at

For more information on Violets, please go to:

Senior2Senior  Program

                                             To ensure the

                   HAPPINESS & HEALTH

of our Seniors (both humans and feline), any senior citizen age 60 or older may adopt a senior cat at 1/2 off our adoption fee.  

Owning a cat helps people to live longer by being more connected and sociable, routinely caring  for a pet, improving health by lowering blood pressure, and there are many, many other benefits! Please click on the links below for more information and benefits.

Seniors make GREAT pet owners. They are attentive and loving             and often the best place for a loving and lonely cat to be.

Cat on red cell a.jpg

Contact Us!


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 Forgotten Felines of Culpeper              P.O. Box 342

      Culpeper, VA 22701

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                    Forgotten Felines of Culpeper does not discriminate potential adopters based on an individual’s
                           race, gender, color, religion, sexual preference, national origin, ancestry, or disability. 
                     Forgotten Felines of Culpeper reserves the right to deny any adoption without an explanation.

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