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"Sometimes by the time we're rescued we've been through a lot...abandoned, homeless, scared, hungry, and sick. In our foster homes we learn to trust people again and to be happy, playful cats. We may be nervous and afraid, but please don't overlook us. If you are patient and love us,  we'll show you how grateful and loving we really are." 

What Are Shrinking "Violets?"

Shrinking Violets, or "Violets," are a very special group of cats. These kitties have been in foster homes for maybe a year or more, still hoping for their future mommy or daddy to find them. Most of them are mommies, after having risked their lives and cared diligently for their kittens, their beautiful and cuddly kittens are adopted and the poor mom is on her own to find a home. In fact, if you think about it, if it weren't for their kittens, no one would've cared about these moms at all.


Their stories are similar,  they have all been through Hell on the streets ~ orphaned, abandoned by a former owner, left to fend for themselves, often sick or hungry. People passing them by, but no one helping.  These precious, frightened, and vulnerable souls usually blossom within 2 weeks to a few months time and need a quiet, indoor home, with either no children or older children. They are all spayed or neutered, are up to date on rabies and distemper vaccines, and tested negative for feline leukemia, some may even be microchipped. The adoption fee is $25 and may be waived if you have adopted from us (or the former Culpeper Felines & Friends) previously. 

Each Violet has a socialization scale posted under their name, to let you know how far along they are on their socialization skills. First of all, it is important to note that all Violets are non-aggressive. In my experience of socializing cats, all cats follow along this scale. We have never had a cat returned to us for not socializing. The scale is as follows:


                                                                        Socialization Scale Meanings                      

   1-3      Shows no interest in people yet, may run and hide when someone comes into the room. 

  4-5      Doesn't show much interest in people yet, but doesn't hide. Just sits calmly.

  5-6      Shows interest in people. Touches nose to person's hand. May meet at door and follow around room.

  7-8      Shouldn't take long to be a regular, affectionate house cat. Was allowing to be pet when in condo. Meets at

               door, follows around room, may talk to foster mom. Interested in people, watches people in house, tries to or

               interacts with people. (Please note, just as with people's relationships with each other are different, it may take 

               awhile for a cat to react as described here with a new person.)

 9-10    Ready to roll - a real, bonafide house cat that is affectionate, you can pick him up, pet him easily, sits on your



To qualify for a Violet kitty,  you must have a quiet, indoor only, low activity home with either no children or older children. (Other factors may apply, depending on the cat.) If you are interested in making a world of difference in a shy and frightened cat's life, please contact me at or call 540-717-4420.  I've often been told by Violet adopters, "I don't know who needed who more...who saved who." Someone needs your love and patience.

Violet Testimonials

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