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Miss Moppett

(Former Violet)      Socialization Scale 10/10

Special Needs: Miss Moppett is blind 

Miss Moppett is a beautiful, long-haired black and white female,  about 3 years old. She had the misfortune to be living under a home on West Street with her older kittens. The owner was not a cat-lover and decided he was going to seal up the opening under the home, whether Miss Moppett and her family were there or not.
I came to get Miss Moppett and she is now living happily in her foster home. Her socialization skills are coming along nicely. She is interested in people and is becoming comfortable with her foster mom being near to her. On the socialization scale of 1-10, 10 being a regular house cat, she rates a 10. She recently has decided she enjoys being pet, being held, is very loving, and likes to talk to you.

Moppett is blind. Vet examination shows that her retinas are detached. She was once a sighted cat and is now learning to be sightless. She is often observed bumping into other cats and seeming surprised. She seems to have adapted well to this, knowing every area of the cat room and main floor of the house, walking right through without incident until she comes upon a blanket on the floor or cat in her path, which surprises her. She has come a long way in socially.  She knows her name and upon hearing her name, she perks her head up and waits for you to come to her. Once she smells your hand, she rubs her head against you. She is able to be picked up and held and loves affection. She loves her canned food every morning and is brave enough to venture around her foster home without incident.   


Miss Moppett is spayed and up to date on vaccines. She gets along very well with other cats and requires an indoor only, quiet, low activity home. 

Please contact Lynn at GoodMews22@aol.com or call 540-825-3744 if interested in this fairy tale kitty. 


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