Violet    Socialization Scale  5-6/10

Meet Alexus, an absolutely gorgeous white and black, female about 2 years old. This beauty keeps her fur in pristine condition!

She and her 3 kittens were found staying close to a house in a rural area of Culpeper. Alexus, risked her life protecting them from a predator, and was found one day coming out of the woods, limping, swollen-faced, and bloodied. She constantly moved her babies to keep them safe. First they all lived in a lawn mower bag, (Yes! You read right!) then she moved them up to a car engine. The kind lady living in the house trapped all of them and brought them to safety.

Alexus has free roam of the cat playroom, but is skittish, and afraid to be touched. She loves climbing on the cat climber and looking out the window at nature, loves her canned food, is fabulous in the litter box, and gets along great with the other cats.

Like all cats in the Shrinking Violets,  Alexus needs an indoor only, quiet, low activity home with either no children or children over the age of 15 to blossom. We have not had a Violet yet that didn't absolutely flourish in a quiet home and become an awesome member of the family. It just takes patience. Alexus currently rates a 5-6/10 on our socialization scale, with 10 being a purrfect house cat, and is beginning to be interested in people.

Alexus is spayed, has had her rabies and distemper vaccines, and has tested negative for feline leukemia. Please give Lynn at call at 540-717-4420 or email for more information on this beautiful girl.